Neta Zruya Hashai


CEO Trust Services

Office: Tel-Aviv


Neta joined the firm in 2000. She has been engaged in auditing entities reporting to the SEC and the Israel Securities Authority, privately-owned companies. She gained experience in tax return audit, supporting due diligence procedures, managing IPOs in Israel, preparing shelf prospectuses, supporting bond issuance, and preparing prospectuses in the US and UK. During a relocation period in PwC NY, she led engagement teams with diverse clients such as VC funds, private tech companies and startups.

Upon returning to the Israeli firm, she led the Partner Communications engagement, and later appointed as a project manager in the firm's team to Comverse.

In 2011, Neta was gradually introduced into the leadership team of the Kesselman Trust practice, a subsidiary of the firm that serves as a trustee for mutual funds and index funds. In July 1, 2012, she was appointed as CEO of that subsidiary.

Neta holds an MBA, with a major in Financial Management, and a BA in Accounting and Media, both from Tel Aviv University.