Yaron Levy


Office: Tel-Aviv


Yaron is a partner in the Israel Accounting Consulting Services (Israel ACS Group) of PwC Israel.

Yaron joined the Israeli firm in 1999 and gained substantial expertise in reviewing financial statements of companies listed on stock exchanges in the US and Israel. He specializes in the field of business combinations and providing transaction and public offerings support services, including examining the accounting aspects of valuation analyses. He also studies developments in accounting and financial reporting. In this capacity, he educates the firm's accounting staff, clients and other external parties.  

He is conversant in US GAAP, IFRS and Israeli GAAP and in leading consultation projects services provided to external clients.

Yaron holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Economics awarded by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, where he serves commencing in 2005 as a teaching assistant in an advanced financial accounting course taught in preparation for the qualifying CPA exams.

Yaron is a qualified as a Certified Public Accountant in Israel.