Risk management in banking and capital markets

לצפייה בעמוד זה: עברית

To lead means to know how to manage in the best manner possible the changing landscape of your bank and/or capital markets firm.
We, at PwC Israel realize that change comes with both risks and rewards.
The rewards we trust you to reap and the risks we hope you will trust us to advise you how to manage.

PwC Israel team includes specialists in:

  • Financial risks and instruments;
  • Credit and  concentration risk;
  • Operational risk;
  • Corporate governance;
  • Information systems and technologies;
  • Modeling and statistical analysis;
  • Regulation and compliance.

The team's strength and expertise are based on the following Founding Concepts:

Basel 2 & 3 framework

PwC Israel has guided the Bank of Israel and the vast majority of Israel's banks through various stages of implementing Basel 2 and currently Basel 3.

Matching local needs with global expertise
PwC Israel, in conjunction with the PwC global network, provides local banks cutting edge risk management solutions fitted to the size, complexity and strategic goals of each Israeli bank.

Excellence in thought and action
PwC Israel strives to help its banking clients to excel in their competitive positioning, harnessing our high standard of work ethics and professional deliverables. In addition, we strive to be the first in updating our clients on changes in the regulatory and business arenas.

From seed to bird's eye view
PwC Israel is able to advise clients both from Bottom-Up and Top-Down engagements.
We pride ourselves in helping clients see the overall picture and setting in motion processes which translate into detailed action items all the way down to the branch, advisor, single employee and/or consumer levels. Meanwhile, we help our clients assess which "grassroots initiatives" may be worthwhile to streamline across the entire company.

We provide value-added services such as:

  • Identifying material risks and assessing whether there is a risk management framework, and whether it is measured and mitigated.
  • Capital assessment, management and planning, including Basel 2 and Basel 3 adjustments.
  • Risk concentration identification and resolution with alignment to the risk profile and the long-term strategic view on growth of risk weighted assets.
  • Achieving and maintaining the ideal credit rating and cost of capital while considering the various challenges of the business cycle.
  • Establishing a clear and effective policy and guideline framework to allow for effective compliance with regulation and minimization of operational exposures.
  • Strengthening the corporate governance framework as to allow for better oversight by the supervisory board (Board of Directors) and decision-making by the management board (CEO and senior executives).
  • Creating a best-of-breed assets and liabilities management and liquidity framework.
  • Tailoring Use-Test applications for the client's size, complexity and resources.
  • Identifying and assessing existing conservatism and possible realignment of conservative actions to allow for better utilization of the risk appetite.
  • Create the best fit between reporting and decision-making.
  • Structuring a state-of-the-art operational risk management framework whereby the Key Risk Indications (KRIs) are assessed in conjunction with Key Business Indications (KBIs) to best achieve the desired Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and resulting in better return on equity / larger capital.