AML - Anti money laundry services

לצפייה בעמוד זה: עברית

The widespread of money laundering around the world is unclear, but current estimations point to 2%-5% of the world's GNP.

Dealing with money laundering and terrorist financing risks becomes more difficult each passing year. On one hand, the global economy and numerous financial instruments are making it difficult to identify and prevent unusual and/or illegal activity. On the other hand, regulators around the world, including Israel, are raising the bar for compliance requirements.

Financial institutions rely on their reputation to build their businesses based on, among others, the investment management of client funds. The prestige of any financial institution might be damaged severely if it is found that its services were used for money laundering. Therefore, prevention of money laundering and cooperation with authorities are in the best interest of any financial institution, which must take responsibility and provide assurances that costumer accounts are managed in accordance with existing regulations.

Responding to the needs of financial services organizations, we have developed a global AML program to help you deal with critical compliance and strategic issues associated with AML. We offer comprehensive services in dealing with the money laundering risk. Our services are based on a methodology developed by PwC experts and experience in performing different types of projects dealing with AML.

The services we provide include:

  • Integrated data management solutions;
  • Risk management assessment, processes and technology;
  • AML compliance surveys;
  • AML procedure reviews;
  • Know your client (KYC) questionnaire;
  • Development of tools and rules for identifying unusual activities;
  • Performance reviews for evaluating effectiveness of procedures and controls;
  • Assistance in developing policies and procedures, tools and resources for dealing with the AML risk;
  • Advice concerning the implications of new AML regulations;
  •  AML risk/vulnerability assessments;
  • AML training;
  • Process improvement services;
  • Transition, change management and cultural change;
  • Investigative and forensic accounting services;
  • Due diligence and crisis management for existing problems.Enterprise risk management

PwC Israel's risk management group is well positioned to provide you a verity of solutions essential for upgrading, optimizing and improving risk exposure mitigation processes, through the reliance on experienced consultants who specialize in from the fields of finance, accounting, economics, forensic and technology.  

If you would like to further discuss how PwC Israel's AML solutions could benefit your organization, please contact us.