Strategy and Measurement

Driving strategy into sustainable performance
Managing a successful business or organization is about more than just forecasting earnings out to the next quarter or preparing estimates as part of annual budgeting process. It's about achieving high performance and creating sustainable value year after year by identifying the performance issues your organization faces and addressing their root causes. Strategy Implementation can help you bridge the gap between short-term market or stakeholder expectations and the long-term durability of your business or organization.

Strategy Implementation - We work with management teams to turn Strategic ideas into reality. Developing detailed plans, KPIs and a project environment of energy we help ensure that the ‘theoretical’ ideas envisioned are turned into reality.

Corporate Performance Management - Measuring performance, setting targets and aligning management to one set of meaningful measures is key for successful companies. It is also very hard to achieve. We help businesses identify, develop and implement CPM systems.

How we can help:

PwC‘s Performance Management model is a holistic approach that helps you manage information better and enhance your performance by aligning your various financial, operational and regulatory metrics. Our framework can help you better understand and exploit the relationships that exist (or should exist) between strategy, planning and operational processes. It is designed to assist your management team resolve operational and financial "pain points" as well as to successfully exploit growth opportunities. Our framework provides a "road map" that can be adopted at a pace that is suitable for your organization for implementing enterprise wide performance management. Our integrated approach helps you better understand and exploit the business levers that create value and achieve your strategic objectives.

Our services include such areas as:

  • Planning and reporting optimization — Leading practices to help you improve the reliability and process efficiency of historical and prospective information reporting, including value-driver based planning, driver-based budgeting, chart of accounts design and rolling forecasts.


  • Program and project management, support and execution — Subject matter specialists supported by proven methodologies and tools along with a rigorous approach to project planning and execution to achieve the business benefits you expect.


  • Dashboards, scorecards and KPI development — Improve financial and operational effectiveness and efficiencies through appropriate alignment of metrics and targets that measure the achievement of your strategic and tactical objectives, including performance measures for customer, supplier, operational, organizational, financial and employee engagement perspectives.


  • Performance Management tool deployment — Evaluate, design and optimize Performance Management tools and data models to support planning, analysis and reporting.