Profitability Management

In today’s environment of increasing global competition, changing regulatory requirements and pressures to cut costs without impacting business growth, finance functions are not only being called upon to provide accurate, meaningful and timely data on where costs and profits lie in their organization, but also to provide their own perspective on performance drivers.

How we can help:

Whether your focus is on reducing operating costs, identifying immediate tangible saving opportunities or obtaining a better understanding of the profitability of your products and services, we have specialists in this area who can understand you current cost management and control processes, identify cost saving measures and implement changes in a way that will drive continuous improvement and sustainable, long-term, cost savings.

We provide expertise in three main areas:

PwC research has shown that the main tool used by CFOs to make business decisions is the costing system.  There are however a number of different methods of assigning costs, which could have a significant impact on the view of the profitability of each area of the business.

We work together with our clients to:

  • Review and benchmark their current approach to costing
  • Develop costing methods and systems that  are aligned with business strategy and allow management to make informed decisions based on deep understanding of the costs in the organization

Sustainable cost reduction
Implementing cost-cutting measures that maximize efficiency without compromising growth potential and long-term sustainability is a challenge that most organizations face. We have considerable experience in planning, implementing and evaluating cost reduction and cost containment programs.  We can provide professional advice on:

  • Capital structuring and cost of capital
  • Downsizings and carve outs
  • Employee benefits and compensation programs
  • Financial function and IT effectiveness
  • Location planning , off shoring and outsourcing


Budgeting and planning
Budgeting and financial planning  is a key component of managing and driving business performance, but continues to be of limited value to many organizations, due to extended reporting cycle times and misalignment with business strategy. We help businesses assess their planning, budgeting and forecasting processes against best practices and benchmarks and develop a process which is linked to management strategy and to operational planning.