Global Incentive Services

לצפייה בעמוד זה: עברית


The Global Incentive Services (GIS) practice of PwC Israel specializes in helping clients across a variety of industries to identify alternative funding resources and to optimize benefits and incentives offered by the Israeli Government under, among other things, the Encouragement of Capital Investment Law, and the Encouragement of Industrial Research and Development Law. We provide ongoing advisory services to major multi-national corporations as well as start-up companies in a wide range of industries such as high-tech, life science, cleantech, traditional industry, etc.

Our practice is unique in its deep business insights, extensive experience and unparalleled professional knowledge on all aspects of Israeli incentive programs. Our team includes a range of specialists in different fields, such as: life sciences, cleantech, IT, traditional industry, etc. These capabilities allow us to provide our clients with creative strategic solutions, specifically tailored to the unique needs of each business.

In addition, our team works closely with governmental keynoters (i.e. the Israel Investment Center, the Manufacturers Association of Israel etc.), while being closely involved in the revision process of the ever-changing encouragement law landscape.

Our Services:

Grants and Benefits for Investment

  • Investment grants – We provide advisory and planning services to assess eligibility for investment grants administrated by the Israel Investment Center. We are assisting the company during the preparation and submission of a business plan to maximize potential grants.
  • Tax benefits – We also provide advisory and planning services regarding the eligibility for tax benefits program administered by the Israel Tax Authority in order to allow clients to benefit from other grants and benefits.
  • Employment grants - We are advising clients to select the employment benefit program out of the various provided by the Israel Investment Center that is best for their long- and short-term strategic plans. In addition, we assist clients in the preparation and submission process of a suitable business plan.

Grants and Benefit for R&D – Competitive R&D Grants, Inter/Bi-National Funds for Industrial R&D Grants and Special Approvals

  • The Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) – R&D grants - competitive industrial R&D grants, traditional industry grants etc.
    We provide clients with ongoing advisory services allowing them to obtain maximized grants. Our support begins with the preparation of a formal business plan, including defining a long-term R&D program, R&D budget and marketing strategy, through preparing the company to meetings with professional examiners on behalf of the OCS.  
  • International/bi-National funds - International support programs include international and bi-national funds for R&D grants, enabling a joint R&D program with a foreign counterpart. We provide advisory services regarding the preparation and submission of a formal business plan to such funds, including BIRD Foundation, KORIL, CIIRDF, SIIRDF, Eureka, Eurostars and European Seventh Framework Program (FP7) etc.
  • Special approvals - Advisory regarding special approvals from the Office of the Israel Chief Scientist necessary for tax benefits, such as,  20A Approval, R&D Intensive Company Approval etc.

Our Approach

  • Custom Solutions & Planning – Creating optimal solutions for our clients, while reviewing all available options and aligning them to their business model, operations and fast-changing needs.
  • Creativeness – Capitalizing unique innovative solutions, while realizing the business potential for our clients, by exploring the full range of available resources to maximize support.
  • Dynamic Support – Working closely with our clients to help them cope and thrive in today's volatile business environment and guiding them to proactively take advantage of new business opportunities.