Finance Function Optimization


Finance Function Process Improvement - Effective and timely reporting and management of assets, receivables, payable and cash are amongst the many tasks that CFOs need to oversee. We have significant experience in helping managements diagnose and improve processes, structure and systems within Finance in order to increase efficiency, shorten the reporting timelines and enable high-quality reporting deliverables.  

360º Diagnostic of the Finance Function - Finance function best practices provide a combination of control and insight to the business. In order to enable the finance function to bring management added value in the business processes in addition to reporting, we propose to our clients a comprehensive and globally tried and tested diagnostic tool that helps CFOs to measure the effectiveness of the finance function and to identify practical measures to improve it.


How we can help:


Whether you want to understand the value drivers that impact business performance and strategy or to standardize and simplify your finance function after merger and acquisition activity, our finance performance improvement team can help. Our professionals help companies assess, design and implement changes to their financial processes through the following services:

Business process standardization, simplification and optimization

  • Conduct assessment of current standards applied to finance control, processes, behaviors, data, organization, people and systems (Finance Diagnostic
  • Conduct detailed benchmarking of core finance processes and functional activities
  • Provide best practice illustrations of finance process and functional models
  • Advise on re-engineering of finance processes and support functions
  • Our consultants have experience with LEAN methodologies and helping finance functions to continuously improve and increase competitiveness.

Improved consolidation process and management reporting

  • Advise on assessment and redesign of reporting environments
  • Support consolidation and close; including SmartClose — PwC's methodology providing a top-down approach to accelerate the closing process and achieve more timely and accurate reporting
  • Assist in assessing alternative approaches to meeting data needs
  • Advise on simplification and remediation of spreadsheet use

Strategic planning for the finance function

  • Develop and communicate the vision and strategic direction for finance
  • Develop the roadmap to navigate through various expectations of the function
  • Develop lanced and holistic approach to enable finance to optimize its efficiency and effectiveness