Business Transformation

Solving complex problems to bring about lasting change to organizations
Everywhere you look, it seems organizations large and small are talking about business transformation. Every company knows that implementing lasting, positive and integrated change to its business functions is key to gaining a competitive advantage. Many organizations feel that they have to change in order to act on emerging opportunities.

But did you know that 62% of all large transformational projects fail? There are many reasons for this. Often, companies don’t get enough genuine buy-in for change from their leadership; they can’t articulate the benefits of change to their stakeholders; they don’t put enough focus on change management; or they don’t realize that business transformation isn’t a piecemeal project, that it needs to touch every aspect of your organization.

How we can help:
At PwC, we view business transformation as a journey, not as a project. We have a clear understanding of our clients’ business needs - the motivating force behind the transformation; we work across process, people and technology to make that change a reality for the long term; and we focus relentlessly on the benefits of transforming a business.

Our approach differs from traditional methodologies in three ways:

  • It focuses on the entire transformation and iterative improvement process, including strategy, people, change management and organizational implications,
  • It makes your business imperatives – real, tangible benefits to your business – the focal point of our efforts, and
  • It drives sustainability and continuous improvement so that “change sticks” to the organization.