Reporting Performance

Stake a claim to reporting excellence. Reporting corporate performance in a way that complies with all the complex corporate reporting regulations and laws of each country in which you operate has never been easy. And now, new regulations and standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley and IFRS as well as the continuing proliferation of guidance and regulations relating to ‘narrative’ reporting accompanying financial statements, have made the task even more challenging.

And here's something else to consider: investors today are on guard against reporting that may pass regulatory muster, but fails to provide a fully transparent view of a company’s health and prospects. Increasingly, investors also want companies to report on a broad set of non-financial measures, which, combined with financial reporting, might provide a better basis for judging corporate performance.

High quality corporate reporting is too important to be determined solely by the shape of externally-imposed regulation. To stake its own claim to reporting excellence and public trust — your company must foster a culture that views reporting transparency as a worthy end in itself, independent of rules and regulations. At PwC Israel, we know what it takes to meet both the high standards of today’s regulatory reporting requirements and the even higher expectations of your stakeholder community. Wherever your company does business, we offer a wide spectrum of services to ensure your corporate reporting is clear, complete, and relevant. These services include: