Payroll services

We provide a flexible and comprehensive payroll service, which may remove a significant administrative burden from management, allowing you to focus on the core business operations. Using our experienced team more than ten years, we ensure that salaries, Jamsostek and relevant taxes are calculated in accordance with appropriate legislation and are paid and remitted as required.

We have a dedicated division comprising a partner, a manager, assistant manager and staff who are responsible for providing payroll services. Most of our payroll clients are multinational companies operating in Indonesia.

How PwC can help you

Our experts can assist with:
  • Registering and obtaining a Jamsostek certificate for the company and Jamsostek cards for employees
  • Setting up the payroll master file in to payroll data base
  • Calculating and transferring take home pay based on data provided
  • Preparation of salary reports which includes of below components
  • Base salary (IDR)
  • Base Salary (foreign currency)
  • Allowances
  • Pension /Jamsostek allowances
  • Salary/allowances adjustment
  • Bonuses
  • Tax deduction
  • Other deduction (insurance, Jamsostek, etc)
  • Take home pay (net pay)
  • Registering and obtaining Jamsostek cards for new employees
  • Preparation, payment and submission of monthly employee income tax and monthly Jamsostek, including report to Jamsostek of new and resigned employees
  • Preparation of salary slips
  • Preparation of withholding tax summary & Withholding Tax Certificates
  • Preparation of pension/Jamsotek report
  • Preparation of summary report for payroll journal
  • Preparation, payment and submission of the annual Jamsostek report including providing Jamsostek balance of old age saving (JHT)
  • Preparation, payment and submission of the employee’s annual income tax (form 1721) including preparation of the tax forms for each employee (1721A1)