Capital Projects and Infrastructure Publications

August 2017

Building sustainable, inclusive transportation systems: A framework for the future

This new report lays bare the need for a collaborative and tech-savvy approach to developing sustainable and inclusive transport systems. It also outlines the inherent risks for developing and developed nations alike if they fail to do so. This report is targeted to transport policy makers, transport planners, public and private investors into transport systems as well as transport operators, such as ground transport, port or airport operators.

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September 2016

Indonesian Infrastructure: Stable foundations for growth

Infrastructure continues to be a top priority for President Joko Widodo’s administration. There has been real progress in these areas in the last year. But there remain several key success factors for the infrastructure program:

  1. Continued improvement in the investment climate.
  2. Better coordination within and between government institutions.
  3. Reduced reliance on SOEs and leverage of private sector funding.
  4. Capacity building in project preparation and procurement and a new emphasis on finding, training and motivating talented people to manage the projects.

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March 2016

Private Power Utilities: The Economic Benefit of Captive Power in Industrial Estates in Indonesia

GE Operations Indonesia (“GE”), in conjunction with PwC Indonesia, has produced a report on Private Power Utilities in Industrial Estates to understand their economic benefits.

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June 2015

PwC’s Infrastructure Capabilities

The Indonesian Government has established a number of institutions and regulations to support Public Private Partnerships as well as increased the public budget for infrastructure. In this document we take a look at some of the key drivers of future infrastructure growth. Read more

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