Growing a sustainable plantation business

With some of the best land in the world for plantation crops, Indonesia remains a substantial global player in palm oil, rubber, and cocoa.

Figures from The Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) indicated that prime crops - coconut, palm oil, rubber, cocoa, coffee, tea, cashew nut, pepper, sugar, tobacco and cotton - contributed $12.3 billion to the value of the country’s export in the first nine months of 2007. This was up 21.52% on the year before.

The plantation sector has its challenges in balancing growth with the increasing environmental pressures and land title issues as with the forests and natural peat lands are converted to revenue generating activities.

Nonetheless, with the volatile global demand for almost every plantation crops, the sector is seeing major players increasing their participation and new players entering the market. These are heady times for plantations looking to increase their longterm prospects.

Palm Oil Plantation - Industry lanscape, regulatory and financial overview

Palm oil plantation 2012

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