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The PwC Indonesia infrastructure team brings together functional and industry expertise to help clients solve the complex issues related to infrastructure investing.

The PwC Indonesia infrastructure team is part of PwC’s broader Capital Projects and Infrastructure integrated global network. The combination of our experienced infrastructure investment professionals and our presence in key regions enables us to assemble multidisciplinary and multinational teams with a wealth of industry experience in various markets to meet our clients’ specific needs.

We have robust experience and a global network to provide services in the area of toll roads, ports, power and water, railways, and other type of infrastructure. We will support our clients from the structuring process until asset disposal, including:

  • Strategy: Defining market/business needs and identifying regulatory drivers.
  • Assessing projects: Analysing project costs, revenues and capabilities; developing a financing strategy; conducting an investment appraisal; conducting a cost-benefit analysis; and, developing a business case.
  • Developing projects: Assessing project readiness; refining project model; and reviewing contracts and risks.
  • Procuring projects: Identifying procurement strategy; selecting and implementing project systems; developing a project contract strategy; selecting and procuring suppliers; and, implementing a financing plan.
  • Delivering projects: Establishing project management office; controlling, analysing and improving projects; assuring project costs; analysing disputes; and, conducting a post-completion review.
  • Operating projects: Assessing and improving asset performance.
  • Disposing of projects: Evaluating divestiture options and managing asset disposal.

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Our thought leadership


Indonesian infrastructure: Stable foundations for growth

Infrastructure continues to be a top priority for President Joko Widodo’s administration. There has been real progress in these areas in the last year. But there remain several key success factors for the infrastructure program:

  1. Continued improvement in the investment climate.
  2. Better coordination within and between government institutions.
  3. Reduced reliance on SOEs and leverage of private sector funding.
  4. Capacity building in project preparation and procurement and a new emphasis on finding, training and motivating talented people to manage the projects.

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