Kadin Programme

The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN) and PwC Indonesia signed a Memorandum of Understanding in August 2009 to improve small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia through various training activities. PwC Indonesia conducted the activities for SME entrepreneurs who are members of KADIN. Kadin visit
"PwC Indonesia views the development of SMEs’ financial management system as an essential step in improving this sector. Through one of our internal programs, Inspiring Young Leaders aiming to develop the leadership of the next generation and our knowledge sharing activities, particularly in financial management, PwC Indonesia commits itself, together with KADIN, to be part of the SME sector’s development. This joint program is a form of our community care and responsibility," said Irhoan Tanudiredja. M.S. Hidayat as a KADIN chairman added, "The signing of this MoU between KADIN and PwC Indonesia is expected to be an initial step in encouraging the development of SMEs in Indonesia as key sector in maintaining and accelerating overall economic growth on a long term base."

Kadin visit Following the signing of a previous MoU, which established our assistance in the entrepreneurship empowerment program, the 2008 Inspiring Young Leaders (IYL) have been working closely with KADIN team to prepare the format of the collaboration.
Discussions have been taking place to seek the right format for the program, and it was decided that KADIN Jawa Tengah will pioneer the program in the first year. We have visited their local office in Semarang and met with local entrepreneurs to gauge their areas of interest and how our expertise can fit them.

The following workshop themes have been agreed.
  • Costing, cash flow analysis and financial reporting.
  • Financial planning and business plan.
  • Business presentation.
  • Internal control.
  • Internet marketing and web site development.
  • Taxation.
Kadin visit