Community Day

Each employee is granted two working days per year for community activities. Many community projects have already been implemented by our people for their Community Day.

More than 500 employees have participated in the Community Day so far doing various activities:
  • Planting trees
  • Planting mangroves
  • PwC goes to school – various projects such as creating library, painting schools and building playground

Tree adoption

Our firm adopted three hectares in Gunung Gede Pangrango for three years since 2008, supporting 1,200 trees. These trees are cared for by local farmers. Through this Tree Adoption Program, we are helping revitalize the function of the national park as a conservation area. Our people took part in the planting activities.
Building a school playground

Over four days in May 2009, around 100 of our people went out helping to build a playground for students in a school in Cibinong. The project not only created a playground, but also provided a small soccer field and gave the outside classroom wall a new coat of paint. Our people helped clear the playground area, cement it, and install play equipment, finishing the final day with games and quizzes with the children.

Planting mangroves

Supporting Jakarta’s Green Belt Program to plant a total of 334.7 hectares of mangrove forests, or around 3.2 million mangrove trees, around 100 of our people in December 2008 went eagerly into the swamps of Angke Kapuk to help plant 1,000 mangroves.

This program will not only help the plant environment, but will improve Jakarta’s whole ecosystem.