CIPS Updates

Financial Reporting Landscape - What’s on the Horizon:
• What are the salient features under the new accounting standards on Fixed Assets, Leases, Investment Property, and Financial Instruments?
• What accounting standards are in the pipeline?
• When will IFRS be fully adopted in Indonesia?
• What are the important changes under the revised Company Law?

Taxation - keeping up with an ever changing tax environment:
• How the new tax law changes and proposals impact your business
• Difficulties encountered in recent tax audits - new Tax Office approaches
• Practical VAT compliance and refund issues. How to improve your VAT input recoveries
• What incentives have been introduced this year and what are in the pipeline?

Anti Corruption Laws:
• Impact of foreign or local anti corruption laws on investment transactions - cost of compliance and non-compliance
• How an effective anti corruption compliance program can make your company a more attractive investment

New Investment Law:
• Update on new investment law

Financial Reporting Update Presentation :