PwC Code of Conduct

Our core values of Excellence, Teamwork and Leadership help us to achieve this growth.

While we conduct our business within the framework of applicable professional standards, laws, regulations and internal policies, we also acknowledge that these standards, laws, regulations and policies do not govern all types of behavior. Hence, we also have a Code of Conduct for all PwC people and firms. This code is based on our values and it takes them to the next level – demonstrating our values in action.

The Code also provides a frame of reference for PwC firms to establish more supplements to address territorial issues.

Our Core Values

Each of us at PwC has an obligation to know and understand not only the guidelines contained in the Code, but also the values on which they are based. Knowing and understanding are not enough. We also have an obligation to comply with spirit of this Code and to help others do the same. As individuals we are encouraged to raise issues and concerns through appropriate channels.