Career Deal - What We Offer

We work hard to serve our clients year-round. You will be working closely with clients and peers, gaining knowledge and experience. Your opportunities for flexibility will grow as your time with us increases. Learn more about what you can expect as new members of the PricewaterhouseCoopers team.

Work Experience
We have many challenging client assignments, conducive working environment, and solid team works constantly throughout the year. Your exposure to valuable clients among multiple industries will give you valuable opportunities to learn about their businesses and develop your interpersonal skill as part of your on-going self development.

Formal coaching and buddies
A coach will be assigned to you and will guide you on your career development. Your coach will provide counseling and coaching about your career development in the firm and share with you her/his technical expertise and knowledge about the job. Every employee at PwC is expected to be proactive, build relationships with others, be a team player and always take initiatives in every assignment. A buddy will also be assigned to every new hire at PwC to help her/him have smooth alignment process during the first one year with the firm.

You will be given distinct duties and responsibilities early on. As you advance, you will gain more responsibilities, become a leader and decision maker with more interesting assignments and tasks. Your responsibilities will grow in line with your performance. Attitude and desire to contribute to your client teams are also the factors that count for your success.

Performance and Promotion
PwC is committed to building the professional careers of our people. To acknowledge and appreciate the performance of its staff, the firm awards a performance bonus. Appraisal at PwC will determine your career development and promotion. The time taken to progress through the different grades will depend on your ability. Your strength will be highlighted and further developed, but you will also be working on your improvement area. Your promotion will be evaluated based on your consistent performance.

Health and Safety Benefits
Health and safety of PwC employees are critical concerns for the firm. PwC offers health and safety benefits to the employees.

We encourage employees to take their annual leave as part of our work life balance policy.