IT Security

How Information Security Can Help Meet Business Objectives*

Today, information technology, in particular, information security, plays a pivotal role not only as a "business enabler" but also as a "compliance enabler." IT and security organisations have both been on the front lines for compliance efforts and are now being asked to play two pivotal roles: first, to provide a secure, well-controlled IT environment to improve business performance and second, to assist the organization in strategically and tactically addressing its governance, risk and compliance requirements. Our focus is to help you achieve your business objectives and understand and manage the impact of IT risks on your business so that your intangible assets (brand & IP) are protected and your customers, suppliers, and regulators trust your business. We do this by:

  • Assessing the impact of IT risks on your business and strategic objectives
  • Aligning the way security is managed to your organisation’s risk and control framework
  • Assist in the augmentation of organisational security frameworks to ensure compliance to established standards and regulatory frameworks.
  • Providing independent assurance to management, the board and audit committee and regulators that risks are being managed
  • Considering IT Security from an end to end perspective utilising our Enterprise Security Business Model (ESBM)
  • Bringing you the latest global knowledge and experience
If this is your situation
  • You need to better align your information security initiatives to support your business objectives and compliance requirements.
  • You want to open your IT infrastructure to employees, customers and business partners to securely conduct business.
  • You must secure your company’s IT infrastructure and protect your customers’ information assets.
  • You want to know how to leverage your information security capabilities to better respond to today’s complex security breaches, reduce the risk of business disruptions and meet compliance objectives.
  • You want to learn how to integrate the latest industry-specific security challenges.

How PwC can help you
  • Aligning information security to improve business performance through security strategy and planning solutions
  • Securely enabling your business electronically through identity management solutions
  • Protecting and securing information assets through threat and vulnerability management solutions
  • Proactively manage today’s complex security environment to reduce risk and meet compliance objectives through integrated security management