IFRS: Is adoption right for you?

We help you decide when and how to apply IFRS


If this is your situation:

  • You want to know whether your company can change to IFRS.
  • Your company operates in a country that has announced that IFRS will become the reporting framework of the future.
  • Your local GAAP is being aligned to meet the requirements of IFRS.
  • You want to know how a move to IFRS would be beneficial for your organisation.


How PwC can help

We can work with you to:

  • Plan and manage your conversion project to ensure its success.
  • Ensure your board of directors and audit committee are fully committed, involved and knowledgeable about the implications of IFRS conversion.
  • Get the right people with the right skills to complete the transition and embed the changes within your company.
  • Determine how and when to involve your business units to ensure local ownership of the IFRS numbers.
  • Establish the high level effects on performance measures and financial ratios.
  • Clarify what your financial statements, consolidation pack and subsidiary accounts will look like under IFRS.
  • Collect the required data and ensure that there are adequate controls in place.
  • Identify the key accounting/technical differences and understand the implications.
Contact us to find out how PwC can help you assess your readiness for IFRS.