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APEC Insights

PwC 2015 APEC CEO Survey

Our 5th APEC CEO survey launched on November 16, 2015 at the APEC CEO Summit in Manila, the Philippines, revealing the views of over 800 business leaders. Economic volatility has shaken confidence, but stunning advances in technology and connectivity are coming to boost trade and augment inclusive growth—a story told in interviews and infographics.

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Global New Publication

Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Connectivity and Growth: Issues and Challenge for Airport Investment

Updated articles from last year's 'Connectivity and Growth'  piece as well as two articles on 'Converting emerging market growth into investment opportunities'  and 'Is GDP Growth still realiable indicators for future air travel demand?'

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New Publication

Energy,Utilities & Mining

Energy, Utilities & Mining NewsFlash No. 57/2015

This NewsFlash is to provide you with a general update on new regulations, tax and commercial issues affecting companies in Indonesia which includes commentary on:

  • New Tax Holiday Regulation 
  • Power Investment Certainty: Investment Coordinating Board to oversee investors 
  • Thin Capitalisation in Resources Sector 
  • Mandatory use of Rupiah and its impact on financial reporting 
  • 1.5% tax on mining purchases of coal 
  • GR-79 Update - Where are things at?

New Publication

Capital Markets and Advisory Accounting Services

Fixed Asset Revaluation: Things to Consider

As part of the country's economic stimulus, the Government of Indonesia has recently issued PMK 191 about the reduced tax rates on revaluation of fixed assets for fiscal purpose and PwC has responded to this by issuing a publication about things that need to be considered before an entity utilises the tax incentive. 

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Financial Services

PwC Indonesia Insight on FATCA Announcement (Notice 2015-66)

US provides essential delay extensions and other leniencies related to FATCA.

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Our points of view

Bob Moritz, Senior Partner, PwC US

From risk resilience to resilient growth

Bob Moritz, Senior Partner, PwC US