Personalised Medicine in European Hospitals - 2012

PwC and the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE) have joined forces to identify key elements in the development of personalised medicine in European hospitals. This collaboration will help determine of the current state and the desired future state of personalised medicine practices within European hospitals, and will thoughtfully facilitate the creation of a culture of customised healthcare.

Personalised medicine can be defined as products and services that leverage the science of genomics and proteomics (directly or indirectly) and capitalise on the trends towards wellness and consumerism to enable tailored approaches to prevention and care.

The dawn of personalised medicine brings not only new advances to our healthcare system today, but also key challenges. This new science has led many participants in the healthcare industry, such as providers, to consider how best to adapt to these challenges and foster a consumer-focused culture. Hospitals have a clear opportunity to adapt to the new healthcare paradigm and provide services that are targeted to the individual patient. It is important to recognise, however, that different hospitals operate and require different models. Just as doctors will no longer be able to apply the same forms of treatment to patients, hospitals will not be able to apply the same approach to addressing the challenges brought on by personalised medicine. Hospitals and providers have many options for how they respond to the changing market. And as evidenced in the interviews we completed with several European hospitals, personalised medicine can be designed and implemented into a hospital model in a variety of ways.

Many European hospitals have already begun to define what personalised medicine means to their hospital and have developed their strategies for implementation. And as hospitals solidify their definition and vision of personalised medicine as well as their approach for implementation to create a culture of customised healthcare, leading practices will continue to emerge.