Transfer pricing in the post-crisis environment

View this page in: Magyar In today’s challenging business environment, transfer pricing continues to be a high priority issue both for tax authorities and taxpayers. Lower tax revenues resulting from the economic downturn in various countries encourage tax authorities to increase their focus on the examination of cross border transactions and strengthen their enforcement capabilities.

The recession of recent years has encouraged companies to look more closely at how they are structured and, where appropriate, rationalizing their business supply chains to deliver sustainable business models.

We help you focus on drivers of profitability and mitigation of tax risk.

Companies often see transfer pricing regulations as another burden to their administrative and regulatory obligations. By ensuring a transparent supportable risk and reward structure demonstrated by clearly supported transfer pricing strategies companies can mitigate the future costs of that burden.

With our group of dedicated transfer pricing specialists in Hungary we have the capabilities to help you.

Focusing on business models be they manufacturing (toll, contract or fully fledged manufacturers), distribution models with different risk profiles, services, intangibles or financial services transactions we can help you harmonizing the risk assumed and the reward earned by the company to demonstrate a fair and reasonably supportable transfer pricing methodology that is customised to your specific related party transactions within the context of your specific industry sector.