Private Company Services

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PwC, Trusted Business Advisor of Entrepreneurs

With a wide range of services of international standard, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) contributes to the success of huge multinational firms as well as of Hungarian and foreign privately owned businesses in Hungary.

PwC’s trusted business advisors work for local medium large companies and their owners. Our goal is to build long-term, effective trust-trust based relationships with our clients, enabling the provision of services and solutions tailor-made to our clients’ needs.

The major goal of PricewaterhouseCoopers is to promote our clients’ success with our advices. Our specialists assist companies facing different types of business challenges. Such challenges and PwC’s assistance may be for example:

  • Changes in the tax legislation, high tax burden, taxation of special business events – diminishing the tax risks based on our experts’ advise, tax optimisation, services in relation to tax authority audits, self-revisions, legal proceedings;
  • High cost level, high level of receivables, inventory – business and tax advisory to achieve sustainable cost reduction to free up cash, reduction of working capital;
  • Administration difficulties – assistance with accounting and labour issues, ensuring tax compliance and meeting deadlines, assistance with short-term labour shortages in accounting, finance or controlling;
  • Importance or questionability of the trustworthiness of financial statements – audit, most widely recognised by banks, business partners, owners;
  • Funding requirement – review of EU and government subsidies, tender consulting;
  • Legal issues - complete range of expert legal services relevant to business (cooperation with Réti, Antall and company Law Firm);
  • Fraud, commercial disputes – investigations, fraud prevention, internal control systems advice, expert advice in commercial disputes;
  • Complex business situations (e.g. mergers, acquisitions, project financing, etc.) – complex business and strategic advice on acquisitions or on sales of a business, due diligence, preparation and review of financial models;
  • International expansion – local and international tax and business advisory;
  • Real estate development, real estate portfolio management – advisory relevant to real estate portfolio restructuring, real estate development, financing, valuation/appraisal, real estate brokering, feasibility studies, management and utilisation consulting.
  • Re-organisation: Business and operational due diligence, re-financing advisory

Our partners’ comments:

"What is trust?

Here at TriGránit, trust comes from our past and represents a value that we wish to preserve or increase, rather.

In terms of business, we’re looking for cooperating partners who we can trust and who can trust us, no matter if it’s about financing, implementation or advicing such as auditing or tax consulting. 

PwC is the cooperating partner we were looking for.

We trust their expertise, commitment and loyalty.The same way as it is hard to find a good friend, it is also difficult to find help.

TriGránit Group is very lucky to have PwC’s team to lean on when it comes to planning and implementing business decisions."

Gyula Ágházi
TriGránit Rt.

“What is trust?

As a company owner, if you start to build up and extend your enterprise on your own it’s especially important to consider whose advice you should take, who you can ask for help or who you can trust.

I’m used to sharing my ideas with those people whoe opinion I care about and I make my decisions taking into account what they think.

In PwC’s experts I found parnters whose opinion I value because I’m confident that they understand what I’m talking about and what my viewpoints are. They can contribute to that the best way possible using their aggregated knowledge.

For an enterpreneur, major business decisions are intimate and it means quite a relief that there are people whose experience, knowledge and sincerity I can rely on before making major decisions.”

Rudolf Horváth 
Owner, CEO
Horváth Rudolf Intertransport Kft.

Private Company Services
Beratung für Privatunternehmen 
Private Company Services 
Beratung für Privatunternehmen