International arbitration

PwC’s cross border international arbitration includes accountants, investigators, financial experts, economists and engineers, who can condense, analyse and interpret significant volumes of data and present clearly complex financial and technical findings. We have provided financial and other types of evidence in ad hoc and institutional proceedings around the world.

Potential issues

  • A breach of contract in which the dispute resolution mechanism stipulates international arbitration rather than litigation
  • A dispute with a party from a different country
  • A claim against a sovereign state or state owned entity that needs to be resolved by international arbitration
  • A need to investigate and analyse a claim in a foreign country using local knowledge of business/accounting practices
  • A claim for loss of investment against a sovereign state under an investment treaty
How we can support you
  • Initial case assessment – objectively reviewing the merits of a claimant’s or defendant’s position from a financial standpoint, and providing an assessment of the possible recovery and exposure.
  • Strategy development – identifying key issues and the most appropriate strategy from a financial standpoint to analyse the claim.
  • Disclosure/discovery – identifying the documents that will provide the information relevant to the claim. Our forensic technology capability enables us to search and extract information from electronic records, including e-mails, financial and accounting systems, etc.
  • Expert technical analysis – financial, accounting, economic or engineering analysis to support the liability and damages issues of the dispute.
  • Communication of results – reporting on the results in writing, through graphical presentation or oral evidence. Knowledge of local customs and language can enhance the persuasiveness of these arguments.
  • Expert witness services – giving evidence in arbitration proceedings, trials and other hearings.