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Today’s challenges

    It is the common interest and responsibility of economic operators to provide a true and fair view of their financial position. Ensuring the overall integrity and validity of these statements can be an extremely complex and time-consuming task.

How PwC can help you?

    Our professional network of experts with decades of expertise offers customised solutions, from preparing financial statements and giving professional advice to other audit services. Our industry-focused teams are a vital component to our successful operation, because they help you find the right solutions for your company’s specific needs.


  • Audit of financial statements prepared according to the Hungarian accounting standards
  • Audit of financial statements prepared according to other accounting standards (IFRS, US GAAP)
  • Audit of group reports
  • Financial reviews
  • Financial support for the conclusion of contracts
  • Responsible corporate governance
  • Examination of matters which can be objectively measured and verified
  • SOX compliance audit

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