Services - FATCA

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What can we offer to our Clients?

  • Help in the identification of companies affected by FATCA and in the applicability of exemption rules;
  • Help in the identification of withholdable payments and exempted income;
  • Performing due diligence of the current business procedures, new clients’ on-boarding and identification procedures;
  • Making suggestions regarding applicable systems, implementation plans, and preliminary costs;
  • Organizing training and consultations for the employees;
  • Assistance in complying with tax administration requirements.



How can PwC support you? Our experts have complex tax, industry, advisory and technical professional knowledge. 

  • Our tax specialists are ready to increase the efficiency of FATCA-related implementation tasks with the help of their extensive professional experience in all aspects of taxation.
  • We have market leader expertise in advisory services that gives us the resources to find the best solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

  • Our extended, global network integrates more than 50 specialised groups with extensive industry and FATCA knowledge. This ensures effective cross-border co-operation.

  • Our industry focus and experience  result in a deep understanding of the global financial sector, including taxation, regulatory and asset management issues.

  • We have extensive experience and broad knowledge in data management planning and techniques, in business  process development and in communication process improvement.

  • We have proven professional track records in AML/KYC (Anti-Money Laundering /Know Your Customer), which are of crucial importance in compliance with FATCA’s regulatory requirements.

  • We have outstanding professional experience in the implementation of IT systems.

  • We have integrated and trusted tools that support the FATCA in the areas of traceability and tax administration. Currently, we also have several FATCA projects at top financial organisations worldwide.