IFRS advisory

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In a market environment where companies are working to establish more transparent management structures, there is an increasing need for auditing firms to provide highly objective advisory services. We consider it our mission to provide quality services that live up to the expectations of all our stakeholders and support clients who, based on their increasing awareness of the stricter regulatory environment and the importance of quality accounting services, are desirous of coping with these new hurdles.

Focusing on the three key concepts of accounting professionalism, process expertise, and global service development, PwC Hungary has brought together a team of professionals specialising in International Financial Reporting and the related internal control services, who work together as the Financial Accounting Advisory department. The department benefits from seamless communication with the PwC global network and in-depth knowledge and expertise acquired through experience to provide services tailored to clients' financial reporting needs.

Advice on complex business transactions and their structuring

PwC assists companies throughout a project and the complete transaction process - from the strategic planning phase to initial conceptual drafts, term sheets and draft contracts to final signing of contracts. In doing so, PwC's teams of specialists highlight the reporting effects of complex contracts and transaction structures. They identify and explain critical aspects. This procedure makes it possible to have selective influence on expected effects on reporting, future effects on results and significant control quantities and indices.

PwC analyzes the reporting consequences of planned transactions and, as a result, creates a better basis in order to be able to assess the advantages of the transaction. At the same time, this procedure allows modifications to the transaction structure or contractual provisions.

Analysis and implementation of new standards

PwC assists companies in analyzing the effects of new accounting standards and regulations and implementing relevant changes reliably and pragmatically. The objective is to integrate the new standards and regulations into company practice in such a way that the employees are able to work with the new rules and regulations reliably on their own. PwC experts achieve this with a wide variety of tools and with field-tested project management. They incorporate selected specialists for complex topics such as deferred taxes, pension commitments, financial instruments, leasing, company mergers and consolidation in an effective manner. As a result, companies profit from PwC's years of experience in these matters and are provided with the opportunity of dealing with theses topics even more effectively.