Forensic technology solutions

PwC’s forensic technology specialists are trained in the forensic acquisition and analysis of electronic evidence and document management. The team is experienced in handling evidence with consideration of data protection, e-disclosure, human rights, employment laws and other legal aspects of transferring data between jurisdictions. Speed of action is often crucial to the success of an engagement – our team can generally be deployed anywhere in the CEE region within 24 hours of an assignment being accepted.

We use a number of data capture and review tools to analyse and remove duplicate documents in electronic data such as e-mails and user files which can then be searched and categorised for discovery purposes by investigators and lawyers.

Using specialized analytical tools, we can perform data mining techniques to analyse financial or accounting data held on Information Systems – such as searching for specific transactions or transaction-patterns and journal entries. These tests can be used to identify potentially suspicious transactions, trends and inconsistencies when supporting a fraud investigation. Similarly, these tests can also provide an indication of the strength of the system controls which are in place and may highlight potential “red flag” areas.

Potential issues

  • You need to preserve evidence on employees’ or other parties’ computers, servers, backup tapes or PDAs – often without the potential perpetrators knowing about it
  • You need to identify password protected, encrypted, hidden or deleted documents – without damaging or altering the data or taking the organisation’s server network out of action
  • You need to be able to search and review a large volume of e-mails and other documents from multiple sources and to categorise these documents depending on their relevance
  • You need to trace transactions or patterns of transactions hidden within huge volumes of data, efficiently and without taking financial systems offline for extended periods of time.
  • You need to review and categorise paper records (such as correspondence file statements and invoices from accounting data)
Our forensic technology services include
  • Computer Forensics (data capture & image analysis)
  • eDiscovery Services (document management & e-mail analysis)
  • Data Analytics (transactional financial analysis, operational systems analysis)
  • Business intelligence services (background research & i2 charting)