Forensic Services

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Are you...

involved in a business dispute, locally or in foreign jurisdictions?

concerned about fraud or impropriety having taken place within your organisation?

facing intellecutal property rights infringement or licensing agreement issues?

Would you like to prevent fraud?

Our forensic experts can help. Whether reacting to an incident (such as fraud or dispute) or offering proactive solutions (such as fraud prevention), our network of Forensic Services practices combines a global reach with dedicated local teams to support your business.
With the largest network of forensic services practices in the world, spanning 63 countries and employing over 1400 specialists, PricewaterhouseCoopers firms can draw on vast experience of dealing with difficult situations across a broad spectrum of industries in many jurisdictions.

Our Hungarian Forensic Services practice is a part of the fast-growing Central and Eastern Europe forensic services team with over 40 professionals, including accountants, ex-regulators and law enforcement offices, engineers, economists and IT experts.

Global economic crime survey 2016

Economic crime continues to be a serious issue affecting organisations worldwide, according to PwC’s Global Economic Crime Survey 2016.

This year’s Hungarian results show that the incidence of economic crime has declined marginally by 1% compared to the previous survey, and by 5% compared to seven years ago. But this small decrease is actually masking a worrying trend: that economic crime is changing significantly, but that detection and controls programmes are not keeping up with the pace of change.

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