PwC Hungary’s leadership acquires two new directors

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PwC Hungary is proud to announce the emergence of two new leaders among its ranks. Péter Sere (37) has been appointed director of the advisory group for businesses in the technology, information, communications and entertainment sectors, and László Radványi (34) will contribute his expertise to PwC’s assurance group as a director, both of them starting from October 31, 2013.

Péter Sere joined PwC Hungary in 2007. As a Senior Manager his work has specialised in the telecommunications and media industries. He has successfully completed numerous strategic, regulatory and M&A projects in the sector. Prior to joining PwC, Péter led the Information and Communication Technology and e-Economy Department at the Hungarian Ministry of Economy and Transport. He also broadened his professional experience as the Head of the Market analysing Department at the Hungarian Ministry of Informatics and Telecommunication and at Invitel Rt. Hungary, as the Head of Market Developing Department.

László Radványi joined PwC Hungary in 2003. He has participated in the audit of many Hungarian- and foreign-owned companies operating in a wide range of industries (such as the real estate, energy, manufacturing and trade sectors). Furthermore, he has also participated in several acquisition and transformation-related engagements. He is a qualified auditor, and a member of the ACCA. László takes an active part in the business and sports life of the city of Győr, where he has also led several important projects for the local industrial and public sectors. Besides these, he is an active supporter of the Champions’ League-winner Győri Audi ETO KC handball team. In addition to his professional activities, he always spares time for supporting charity programs: he currently is one of the leaders of PwC Hungary’s Corporate Social Responsibility Group.


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