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As a result of the global financial crisis, the world has fundamentally changed and the way we do business has changed along with it. This is especially true here in CEE. Before the crisis, CEE economies were growing – often at double-digit rates. Foreign investors flocked to the region – lured by the attractive emerging markets, low-cost skilled labour and the privatisation of stateheld assets.

Almost three years on, most economies are growing again, albeit more slowly than before. But in the new economic reality, growth is no longer a given and we need to find a new model for sustainable growth. This model will focus on building and sharing knowledge and fostering innovation. It will be about investing in infrastructure and education. The model will also require courage to enter new markets and a shift in thinking about traditional trading partners. While CEE has traditionally depended on inward investment from the West, we are seeing more and more investment from the Middle East, China and other emerging markets.

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