Success stories

Auto industry players opt for Hungary

In recent years, Hungary has become a popular investment destination for auto industry companies. Mercedes’s new plant in Kecskemét will be inaugurated in March, while vehicle and parts makers that have been operating here for a longer time are expanding capacities and launching new product lines.

Bosch continues unabated with investments

The Bosch Group, which currently already has 11 Hungarian subsidiaries, has been present in the country for more than one hundred years, since 1899 precisely, and the regional trading company reestablished in 1991 has since become Hungary’s secondlargest foreign employer in industry. The group of companies operating under the aegis of Robert Bosch Kft is active, in addition to automotive technology, in the fields of industrial equipment, power tools, household appliances and heating and security systems. The trading and service network related to the production, trade and development units covers the entire country and the commercial divisions here also coordinate the operations of other countries in the Adriatic region in addition to Hungary.

Everybody plays with LEGO DUPLO made in Hungary

The Lego group brought capacities to Hungary when it outsourced production in 2004: initially, production was carried out in the Transdanubian town of Sárvár, but since 2008, the company has manufacturing capacities only in the eastern Hungarian county seat.

Lego Manufacturing Kft, the Hungarian unit of Denmark’s Lego Group, has been producing toys in Nyíregyháza since December 2008. Besides this plant, only three other units make LEGO products worldwide.


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