Why invest in Hungary?

One of the competitive advantages Hungary has compared to other countries in the region is the government’s

strong commitment to easing business processes and to increasing the competitiveness of both SMEs and large enterprises in Hungary based on the wide range of available incentives.

Both refundable and non-refundable incentives are available to investors coming to or expanding in Hungary.

The main types of incentives related to investments are cash subsidies either from the Hungarian Government or from EU Funds, tax incentives, low-interest loans, or land available free or at reduced prices. The regulations on incentive opportunities are in accordance with EU rules.

 Contents of this chapter:

  • Cash subsidies
    • Regional Aid Map
    • Non-refundable cash subsidies from the Hungarian budget: „VIP” negotiation process
    • Non-refundable cash subsidies from EU Funds: tendering process
  • Tax incentives
    • Development tax incentives
    • Other tax incentives


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