About Investing Guide Hungary

How to establish a business in Hungary? What tax issues to consider? What about state aid and cash subsidies? How to deal with hiring and employment questions?

These are the most frequent questions from investors, who plan to come to Hungary. You can find all of the answers in this really useful booklet prepared by the experts of PwC in cooperation with the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA). The booklet also showcases the biggest investment success stories from around the country to provide inspiration for businesses.

You can download our publication (in English and also in German) by clicking here.

Partner letter

Partner letter

This year promises to be exciting for both the Hungarian and the world economy. The economic events of the past years have put corporations’ adaptability to the test. Companies have been focusing on cost optimisation, realignment, and the re-interpretation of new challenges and growth potential. In Hungary, last year already conveyed an important message: the Hungarian economy has found its way back to balance, which is the basis for growth. The Hungarian economy may gain new momentum this year from initial growth in Europe and expanding investment activity. GDP might increase by more than two percent, which offers favourable opportunities to foreign investors. This country is still an attractive target market for foreign working capital. This is well proved by the development of manufacturing investments, for example. Crisis has barely affected this sector. Therefore, capital inflow is still strong, especially to industries related to automobile manufacturing.
We are publishing the Investing Guide Hungary for the fourth time, in co-operation with the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA). We hope that our publication provides you with useful information and an extensive insight into Hungary’s economic developments.

Best regards,

Tamás Lőcsei
Service Line Leader
Tax and Legal Services
PwC Hungary