Hungary’s regional competitiveness improves

Interview with Erzsébet Dobos, president of the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA).

- What sectors are showing interest in Hungary?
– The SSC industry remains popular, with investmentsin this sector now also appearing in countryside cities in addition to Budapest; especially university towns are attractive destinations. Besides service centers, investments in production continue to be popular as well: in line with the trend of previous years, in addition
to the high number of projects in the electronics and auto industries, there is definite interest toward Hungary in the food sector. Different countries dominate investments in different sectors: German companies have the biggest share in auto industry investments in the country, the Far East dominates in electronics, while U.S. and Western European companies do so with regard to service centers.
Why could Hungary be important to investors?
– Investors are showing strong interest toward opportunities in Hungary and as I have mentioned, there are several among them considering repeat investments, with an expansion of production and the creation of new jobs planned. This indicates that these companies see their Hungarian investments secured for the long term. The reduction of the lower corporate tax rate has increased Hungary's competitiveness greatly within the region. Companies continue to be satisfied with the quality of the Hungarian workforce, the regulatory environment and the infrastructure.

For the full interview download our publication: “Investing Guide Hungary 2012