Focus on the customer

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Based on the global survey, according to a sweeping majority (97%) of CEOs, once again “the customer is king.” This is also supported by the fact that 51% of the respondents said that expanding their customer base is one of the most important priorities for the next 12 months. It is clear from the responses that CEOs are now trying to win over more customers by focusing on fewer, albeit more targeted, growth areas.

According to our survey results, in terms of customer-centred operation, there is still room for improvement for Hungarian CEOs: although customers are among the most important stakeholders, they rank lower than the government. It is also surprising that while 82% of global CEOs are planning to devise new strategies to retain their existing customers and increase customer loyalty, less than two-thirds of Hungarian CEOs are planning to do the same. In other words, focusing more on customers and increasing their loyalty represent an as-yet-untapped growth opportunity for Hungarian companies.