Key Findings

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Setting flexible objectives

Hungarian CEOs are, of course, also well aware that well-planned and consistent strategic steps are needed for growth. Ninetyfive percent, i.e. almost all of the Hungarian companies have a corporate strategy. But to what extent is advance planning possible for the Hungarian CEOs among the current global and Hungarian economic conditions? Are their objectives well aligned with the strategic goals of global enterprises? Our survey seeks the answers to these questions. Find out more

Managing external and internal threats

Recent years have challenged, more than ever before, not only how well companies were strategically prepared but also how resistant they were against risks. The leaders of global companies think the biggest threats are posed by local market risks that may have impacts on other continents due to the interruption of supply chains, such as were caused by the floods in Thailand or the Japanese earthquake and the ensuing tsunami. But do Hungarian CEOs also focus on risk factors inherent in the domestic business environment rather than on global threats when considering external factors endangering the company’s growth?  Find out more

Achieving balance

It is clear from our survey that Hungarian CEOs are continually reviewing the organisational structure of their businesses, since the efficient use of corporate resources is a crucial factor in strategic planning to facilitate growth. Fortunately, in addition to cost-cutting and workforce reduction, CEOs also have other cost optimization tools at their disposal... Find out more