Today's challenges

Keeping market processes under control, navigating in the field of complex tax and financial regulations, improving efficiency and productivity, and finding new ways to optimise customer relations have become never-ending tasks for the participants in the Hungarian financial sector.

What we do

PwC’s local, regional and global network helps participants in the financial sectors see professional challenges as opportunities. We offer business consultancy, audit and tax consultancy services to our clients and help them meet their constantly changing business challenges.

Project blue

Project Blue is a major research project, designed through interaction with financial services leaders, to provide a framework to help industry, and particularly policy makers, to organise their own assessment of a world in flux, debate the implications, rethink strategies, and, if necessary, re-design organisational structure and business models. From greater government intervention and different policy choices, through to the shifts in global investment and growth, Project Blue explores the major trends that are transforming the economies and financial systems.

European Financial Services M&A news and views

Sharing deal insight provides perspectives on the latest trends and future developments in the European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) financial services M&A market including analysis of recent transactions and insights into emerging investment opportunities. To the global Sharing Deal Insight page please click here.


Csaba Polacsek
Executive Director
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