The aim: finding the right balance

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Which skills do CEOs need most to cope with the current situation? They need both creativity and a system-oriented approach to capitalise on global trends. CEOs must be able to manage a multigenerational, multicultural workforce and satisfy the needs of consumers that require higher standards and have more disparate and changing needs than ever before. With growth remaining the primary objective, they must also bear the interests of society in mind, without compromising on traditional values like quality and integrity.

US CEO views on economy, growth and policy

Managing the current global trends poses an especially big challenge to CEOs because they require a hybrid, sometimes contradictory set of leadership skills to preserve existing values while being open to changes. CEOs must be able to run the business of today while creating the business of tomorrow. The key to success is a hybrid leader capable of creating a balance between keeping old values and responding to new trends, and thus operating in a way that is sustainable in the long run.