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Today’s challenges
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Today’s challenges

The manufacturing industry is the most important direct factor determining the GDP in Hungary, which also fundamentally affects other industries’ contribution to the GDP. The sector is characterised by a dynamic market environment and fierce competition. On the domestic market, the greatest challenges are the increasing tax burden, changes to the regulatory environment, high exchange rate volatility and the characteristics of the local labour market (skills and costs of the workforce).

The Hungarian manufacturing industry can enhance its competitiveness by offering Western European standards of quality and productivity at a lower cost and by taking advantage of its logistically favourable location.
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PwC and its correspondent law firm Réti, Antall & Partners Law Firm have extensive experience in providing advice to manufacturing industry operators. Our experts have industry-specific knowledge and offer solutions that allow you to face the economic challenges.
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  • Alcoa
  • Bosch
  • CSI
  • Electrolux
  • Samsung

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