Advice on personal income tax and social security matters

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Our comprehensive knowledge of the Hungarian legal environment, taxation rules and labour law enables us to assist with setting up complex benefit and compensation schemes that can be provided in a tax- and cost-effective manner to both local employers and secondees.

Our aim is to provide outstanding solutions, tailored to your business needs, that fit into your corporate strategy and have high motivational power.

Here are several areas in which we can provide expert advice:

  • The tax and social security implications of corporate benefits and payments, and their optimisation
  • Advisory services, reviewing existing compensation schemes in a constantly changing tax environment
  • Reviews related to labour costs
  • Developing and providing advice on marketing schemes
  • Taxation of business gifts and corporate entertainment
  • The tax treatment of training costs
  • Developing employee share-option schemes, providing advice on existing schemes to comply with the applicable Hungarian regulations, and preparing employee handbooks
  • Advice on cafeteria schemes, setting up and reviewing cafeteria plans
  • Tax and social security issues related to employees on secondment abroad, tax optimisation and tax planning of secondments
  • Tax and social security implications of the benefits provided to foreign employees
  • Preparing information materials tailored to client needs on tax and social security matters, and giving presentations
  • Advice on international employment structures, examining the tax and social security implications of employment in more than one country, and multi-state, regional positions
  • Interpreting and approaching double tax treaties and the concept of “economic employer” from a practical perspective