2nd Regional Automotive Summit

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Győr, 11 April 2013

Following last year’s automotive conference in Bratislava, the 2nd Regional Automotive Summit was successfully held at Győr on 11 April 2013 representing East-Central Europe’s leading regional market players.

During the event, experts from the automotive industry and PwC’s specialists shared their experience and view of the potential of the region. The presenters agreed that the European automotive industry is undergoing a period of transformation, which will result in a bigger market share for East-Central Europe, but growth will require the use of local competitive edge. Future growth should be based beside cost effectiveness on innovation, research and development, and a highly skilled workforce.

The presenters covered the following topics:

  • Central Europe's competitive edge - adapting global trends to the local auto Industry - How to capitalize future potential?
    Jan Maser, PwC Autofacts Strategy Group, Germany
    Download the presentation
  • Automotive Industry in Slovakia - Innovations as Key Success for the Future
    Jaroslav Holecek, President of the Automotive Association of the Slovak Republic
    Download the presentation
  • Innovation in Plastic
    Bertrand  Faulconnier, General Manger, Plastic Omnium Auto Exteriors, s.r.o.
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  • Passion for Engineering - Made in Hungary
     Oliver Schatz, Head of  Bosch Research and Development, Robert Bosch Kft.
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  • SMR Hungary - The benchmark of SMR Group
    Pál-Levente Tibori, General Manager, SMR Automotive  Mirror Technology Hungary Bt.
    The presentations can be downloaded from this link:
Our publication titled "With the automotive industry on the motorway of growth" was presented at the event.You can download it here.

Photos of the event

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