Our value-generating services

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We provide our services in an organisational structure that comprises industry groups. This enables us to offer expert advice based on best practices and tailored to the needs of our clients in different sectors and industries. We provide advisory services that capitalise on our expertise, extensive experience and international network.

Assurance services: we audit and certify annual reports and special-purpose financial statements, examine whether our clients comply with agreements and the eligibility criteria for EU or state subsidies, and prepare reports on these subjects.

Financial Accounting and Advisory Services: our experts, who have international experience in advising on the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), are committed to helping clients with complex IFRS-related issues. Our services include reviewing IFRS reports and providing recommendations on how to improve them.

Tax Advisory Services: we provide advisory services in connection with corporate tax, local business tax, and other direct taxes. We carry out internal tax audits to help companies assess their tax situation and identify potential problems. In the field of personal income tax and social security, we assist in minimising employers’ tax and contribution burden, and in maximising employee benefits.

International tax planning: our advisors provide assistance with cross-border tax planning, and setting up optimal corporate structures at the local level.

Tax controversy and dispute resolution: we review our clients’ tax position before tax audits, advise them on the management of potential tax risks, and represent our clients in proceedings before the authorities.

Indirect taxes: we provide solutions primarily to issues related to VAT, customs, excise duty, energy tax and the environmental protection product fee. In addition, we conduct internal audits to find tax saving opportunities, provide assistance with obtaining licenses and identify potential risks.

Transfer pricing: we can help our clients determine the appropriate transfer prices between related companies, and prepare transfer pricing documentation that complies with the applicable regulations.

Corporate Compliance Services: we provide accounting, tax administration and payroll services to our clients.

HR services: our services include planning employee benefits, preparing tax returns, and obtaining work and residence permits and tax numbers.

Transaction services: we carry out financial analyses and reviews of accounting policies. We can conduct a strategic analysis of your company’s actual results, indebtedness and performance.

Mergers and acquisitions: prior to M&A transactions, we conduct due diligence reviews of our clients’ financial and tax positions. We provide assistance with planning and carrying out the transactions and with matters related to financing acquisitions.

Forensic services: our services include preparing analyses, and providing financial evidence and expert opinions for clients involved in business disputes.

Real estate consulting and valuation: our services include advice on real estate financing and restructuring, real estate brokering, valuation/appraisal, property controller services, development consulting, and facility management.

Business consulting: we provide advisory services in connection with EU and state subsidies, IT security, operational efficiency, financial efficiency, corporate governance, risk and compliance, and internal auditing.

Adult education programmes and accounting consulting services: we organise IFRS ACCA and DipIFR training courses, and other business workshops and seminars.