Fraud Forum

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Forum for prevention, detection and investigation of fraud and economic crime

Membership in the Fraud Forum

Membership in the Fraud Forum is free and flexible - you can participate as little or as much as you wish. Should you wish to join, you will have the opportunity to meet periodically with other Fraud Forum members to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences.

Fraud Forum is a platform to share knowledge and participate in research to help prevent, detect and investigate fraud and economic crime, in all its various forms. Our members include people working in finance, internal audit, risk management, security, in-house legal and compliance functions as well as fraud specialists.

All members of the Fraud Forum:

  • receive technical updates and reports on the latest trends in fraud prevention, detection and investigation issues,
  • are invited to take part in events and workshops on various fraud-related topics (normally in the Hungarian language)
  • can take part in fraud-related research and receive findings and conclusions from such research
  • can share and exchange experience and ideas

Once registered using the link below you will receive regular updates, fraud reports and invitations to Fraud Forum events.