PwC and sustainability

View this page in: Magyar PwC Hungary interprets its sustainability role in the Hungarian economy on the basis of the global sustainability approach with keeping in mind the strategy and objectives supporting it by fitting the global view to the local needs and conditions.

On this basis, for PwC Hungary, corporate responsibility means a reconsideration process by which we can create values for our current and future stakeholders. We do all this while constantly considering our impact (in terms of sustainability) on the system consisting of four interrelated parts: the market, the people, the community and the environment. We are trying to incorporate this approach into all fields which define business operations – including, among others, corporate values, culture, management systems, services, etc. – using our best knowledge to serve sustainable development.

Based on the practical application of our sustainability approach, we think that sustainable development is definitive for four pillars: market, people, environment and community. In its business decisions, our company seeks to achieve a positive effect in these areas while reducing the potentially occurring negative effects and those arising from our operation.


Market- Responsible business

The dynamic market around us raises difficulties for our clients as well. Our stakeholders’ expectations are growing, while as more and more emphasis is given to topics such as corporate operations, client treatment, or even employee management. A more and more stringent criterion is that they must get credible and reliable information be held in order to be able to create a complex picture of the companies.

Thus, from the aspect of the market, we strive to use our experience to focus the attention to the issues which are important for both the business world and society and to help our clients with obtaining integrated information for themselves and their stakeholders as well. Our goal is to provide our advice so that its contents and method does not only meet the highest professional standards, but takes also the ethical and sustainability aspects into account.

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People- Diversity and social inclusion

As a professional service provider the most important value of our company is people, the employee who, due to his/her professional expertise and talent creates value to our customers. This is also the key to the success of our company, thus we aim at establishing an environment in which their personal and professional development can be rounded off.

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Environment- Environmental stewardship

We are aware of the fact that negative impact of our business activity is also added to the environmental issues around us. As a devoted promoter of sustainable development we seek to find such solutions, to avoid and prevent environmental issues, through which we can decrease our negative environmental impact.

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Community- Community engagement

We are confident that as part of the society we have to assume an active role in resolving issues that arise near us. We believe that it is important to support it with our fundamental activity and the related services, our professional knowledge, and to provide added value for our direct and indirect stakeholders.

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The global CR strategy defined a focal topic for the next four years for each of the pillars to be supported by the activities of each subsidiary – including us –, based on the local conditions and characteristics. These topics are education, social inclusion and climate change.

During our operation, we have always considered it important to continuously communicate with our stakeholder groups because they, as “critical friends”, can help our further development by sharing their useful feedbacks.

Due to our projects, we can conduct a continuous dialogue with a couple of clients, community groups, professional organizations and non-profit and regulatory bodies to achieve a mutually beneficial cooperation and to create values.

Over the years, we have contacted our stakeholder groups in the broader sense through the following communication channels:

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