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Environmentally friendly approach

As lessees of the Eiffel Palace we are working in Eastern Europe's most environmentally friendly office building. Moreover, we strive to be environmentally friendly in transport: we support the fight against air pollution and the reduction of urban noise. We have begun using electric vehicles for business travel in the city and surroundings. We have two Nissan Leaf cars that are considered to be the world’s first mass-produced, fully electric vehicles. We charge the two vehicles with electric speedloaders in our office building's garage.

“It’s about others” – PwC Hungary’s bid for corporate responsibility

Our main aim is to show that it is not enough to talk about corporate responsibility, but we must take action. We would like to call students’ attention to the importance of social responsibility and provide students engaged in this field with the opportunity to carry out their own social responsibility projects.

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Volunteering day

A day of volunteering - along with over 30 civil society organisations approximately 400 people did volunteer work on 13 December 2014. During that day our experts provided free training to 60 civil society organisations and during our bake sale we raised 81,595 forints which was spent on charitable causes.

Kovács Zoltán Foundation Kindergarten

We have provided volunteer work and financial support to the Kovács Zoltán Foundation Kindergarten since 2008. The Foundation provides free kindergarten services to children with multiple disadvantages.

Supporting the Esze Tamás Children’s Home

We have been organizing activities for the children living at the Esze Tamás Children’s Home since 2008.

  • 2008 – Visit to the Audi plant
  • 2009 - Day trip to the Railway Museum
  • 2010 - Excursion to the LEGO factory and the Zoo
  • 2011 - Charity Football Cup for children's camping PwC doubled the amount raised to HUF 200,000.
  • 2014 - 2014 - Tour of PwC's offices along with games emphasising the importance of learning, and after that a trip to the Planetarium.

Collecting Christmas shoeboxes for poor children

We have collected shoeboxes full of Christmas gifts since 2005. Every year, our colleagues donate around 100 Christmas shoeboxes to help poor families. For example, in 2014 we collected 84 boxes.

The runner ambassadors of Csodalámpa Foundation: Csodabogarak

We have been auditing Csodalámpa Foundation pro bono for the past eight years. This year they have introduced their runner ambassador promotion. The ambassadors nicknamed "Csodabogarak" take part in two or three races each year to raise funds for the children who are supported by the foundation.

Charity sales

Before Christmas we bring in the holiday atmosphere by organising a Christmas market. Every day between the 8th and 12th of December employees of various foundations sell their products and the money goes to charities.

Who were these organisations?

WWF - Earth Hour movement

Our firm also took part in the earth hour movement, as we believe environmental protection to be a vital issue. As a result, we switched off the office building' lights and we also encouraged our staff to join the movement.