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Environmentally friendly approach

Our headquarters in the Eiffel Palace are part of Eastern Europe's most environmentally friendly office building. And another aspect of our environmental footprint we have worked to improve is transport: we support the fight against air pollution and the reduction of urban noise. We have begun using electric vehicles for business travel in the city and surroundings. We have two Nissan Leaf cars that are considered to be the world’s first mass-produced, fully electric vehicles. We charge the two vehicles with electric fast chargers in our office building's garage.

Paper reducing campaign

Me launched an internal competition in our office to encourage colleagues to reduce their paper use. Some teams reduced their consumption by 50%, and the winning team managed to improve paper use by 66%. During the competition we supported our colleagues with useful tips and digital solutions.

“It’s about others” – PwC Hungary’s bid for corporate responsibility

Our main aim is to show that it is not enough to talk about corporate responsibility. We must take action. We endeavour to call students’ attention to the importance of social responsibility and provide students engaged in this field with the opportunity to carry out their own social responsibility projects.

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Volunteering day

A day of volunteering - along with over 22 civil society organisations, approximately 500 people engaged in volunteer work on 12 December 2015. During that day 10 of our experts provided free training to 45 NGO representatives on taxes, legal matters, strategy and marketing communication issues. In addition to this, 60 children received shoe box presents collected and packaged in the office by our colleagues.

PénzSztár competition

PwC again supported the PénzSztár for the 3rd year, as it has from its first year. PénSztár is a competition, that aims to explore and improve high school students’ financial knowledge and culture, and to encourage them to pursue a successful career in business or finance. PwC, as a sponsor, supports the competition with professional materials as well. For more information: http://penzsztar.hu/2015/

Kovács Zoltán Foundation Kindergarten

We have provided volunteer work and financial support to the Kovács Zoltán Foundation Kindergarten since 2008. The Foundation provides free kindergarten services to children with multiple disadvantages.

Supporting the Esze Tamás Children’s Home

We have been organizing activities for the children living at the Esze Tamás Children’s Home since 2008.

  • 2008 – Visit to the Audi plant
  • 2009 - Day trip to the Railway Museum
  • 2010 - Excursion to the LEGO factory and the Zoo
  • 2011 - Charity Football Cup for children's camping PwC doubled the amount raised to HUF 200,000.
  • 2014 - Tour of PwC's offices along with games emphasising the importance of learning, and after that a trip to the Planetarium.

The runner ambassadors of Csodalámpa Foundation: Csodabogarak

We have been auditing Csodalámpa Foundation pro bono for the past eight years. This year they have introduced their runner ambassador promotion. The ambassadors nicknamed "Csodabogarak" take part in two or three races each year to raise funds for the children who are supported by the foundation.

We have made three dreams come true since the beginning in 2015.

Charity sales

In December we bring in the holiday atmosphere by organising a Christmas market. Every year our employees can support various foundations by buying products made by disabled people. The following foundations participated in our Christmas market:

Who were these organisations?

WWF - Earth Hour movement

Our firm also took part in the earth hour movement, as we believe environmental protection to be a vital issue. As a result, we switched off the office building' lights and we also encouraged our staff to join the movement.

Trail marker painting

Several times a year our colleagues undertake to repaint faded trail markers on national hiking routes – this is a great opportunity to move and to do something for the common good. In April we renewed the yellow blazes on the Csillebérc-Szépjuhászné route.

PwC continued to be a disabled-friendly workplace in 2015

PwC Hungary, in harmony with the global PwC approach, raises awareness for diversity and social integration, and as part of this encourages rehabilitation of disabled people back to work.

From 2008, in cooperation with Salva Vita Foundation, every year we welcome disabled interns, who can get familiar with our work environment during the program.

To improve this strategic cooperation, we decided to also take long-term steps to create a disabled-friendly environment in our firm.

To this end we created a project team, and with the professional help of our strategic partners, Salva Vita Foundation and RehaJob, we started a due diligence of our firm and defined the needed measures for the future, such as focus group conversations, sensitization trainings and recruitment of employees.

In December 2015 PwC was rewarded with the Disability-friendly Workplace Recognition for the 2nd time. Those who apply for this reward take on continuous improvement of their practices regarding recruitment, employment and the retention of disabled people.

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Christmas shoe box presents for children in need

During our volunteering day some of our colleagues collected and packaged shoe box presents and other donations for 60 children in need. The prepared colorful shoe boxes were taken to the “Santa Factory” (Mikulásgyár) in Budapest.

Green campaign

During “Green Month” in April we organised some events to encourage environmental awareness.

Professor Sándor Kerekes, Doctor of The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA), one of the most important Hungarian experts and ambassadors of environmental protection and sustainability gave a lecture on sustainable development as the great challenge of the 21st century.

At the Recycling and Conscious Decisions workshop organised by Humusz Szövetség we played some games and hand crafted from “waste”. We also offered some useful green action tips with our colleagues.