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Dear Alumnus,

PwC Hungary’s Alumni Program is for those who worked with us in Hungary and participated in the development of our firm and now they continue their professional career in other key positions on the market.  We want you to know that although your daily connection to the firm has changed, you are still part of our community and we would like to ensure that the strong relationship does not end.

Through Alumni Program, you can continue access to the wide PwC community and knowledge, talent, diversity that you enjoyed while you were here. You can stay informed and updated on our initiatives, networking activities, firm publications and events which helps us in build and maintain Lifelong Relationship.

We welcome all of you who were our former employee of PwC that includes Price Waterhouse or Coopers & Lybrand to join the Alumni Program in Hungary by filling out the online Registration form.  

We look forward to meeting with you in the near future!

 “I am really proud to take over the role of sponsor partner of PwC Alumni Program in Hungary. I always believe that the Alumni Program is an important part of PwC’s heritage and life.”

Dóra Máthé, Sponsos partner of Alumni Program in Hungary

“By Alumni Program, I hope that we give you a chance to keep connections with former and current employees and to build up an excellent personal network.”

Krisztina Schubauer, Coordinator of Alumni Program in Hungary