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The CIMA Diploma in Performance Management is the first international qualification in Management Accounting developed by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

The programme has been developed for specialists in management accounting, financial managers, accountants and managers who want to acquire the skills necessary for making management decisions and become  certified as a specialist by  CIMA.

The programme participants will get:

  • In-depth understanding of core management accounting principles
  • Knowledge of  the main tools and techniques to evaluate business performance
  • Skills in management decision-making based on financial information and skills in performance management
  • An opportunity to make an immediate contribution to the decision-making process
  • Experience in developing professional judgment on the application of your newly gained knowledge and skills.

CIMA qualification overview
CIMA qualification is structured into five levels. Certificate level consists of five papers and gives a solid basis and good knowledge to study upper levels. Students may be eligible for exemptions from certificate papers if they have studied a relevant qualification.

Whereas certificate level is focused on gaining knowledge and understand it, nine modules of operational level, management level and strategic level require student to apply the knowledge and analyse the detail of what they have learned. Finally, professional competence level comprises two component parts – case study examination and three years relevant work based practical experience, which is an essential part of CIMA qualification.

 The AICPA and CIMA have joined together to form a joint venture which powers a new designation for management accountants, the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). The CGMA is designed to elevate management accounting and further emphasise its importance for businesses worldwide.

Why PwC?

  • PwC’s Academy has accumulated a vast experience of successful training in management accounting and financial management.
  • PwC proposes a flexible system of preparation for the exam, adapted to the level of participants knowledge and preferences.
  • PwC’s Academy provides a full administrative support during training process